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Pronk-De Palm Productions

Pronk-De Palm Productions is intended as a platform for two incorrigibly enterprising creators and their inspiration – a name used to identify both our separate and joint publications and designs.

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SocialWords writes, edits, corrects, translates, tells and publishes stories worth telling.



Writing, philosophizing, designing, mediating, inventing, innovating… there is hardly anything Dennis cannot help you with.

d’Reden conceptualizes, designs and invents out-of-the-box solutions to everyday issues.

SocialWords Online

SocialWords Online helps build and maintain the online presence of (small) businesses, managing content and social media.



Geurwerk is all about the magic of aromas. A (Dutch) blog describing how aromas affect both our body and mind and influence our everyday life, soon to be paired to a web shop for personalized, natural scents.

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We love our Amstaff and want the world to know it! With our exclusive, fun designs we aim to emphasize the sweet nature of the American Staffordshire Terrier. Inspired by our own Regina, our shop and our blog celebrate this unique dog breed.