“All language is but a poor translation.”
― Franz Kafka


“Poetry is what gets lost in translation.”
― Robert Frost


“Translators are like ninjas. If you notice them, they’re no good.”
― Etgar Keret


Language is all about emotions. Every text means to convey certain feelings, however you look at it. People write texts to excite some sort of emotion from the reader.

Commercial texts mean to incite the reader to buy a certain product or service. It is vital that translated copy conveys the same message as the source copy.

We can do commercial.

Business documents, legal papers, financial reports all convey factual truths to the reader and need to be accurate. They cannot leave anything to the reader’s imagination, nothing can be interpreted in any way other than the intention of the author(s). A literal translation is obligatory, to ensure that, even though the language varies, the meaning remains the same.

We can do literal.

We have experience in translating business, medical and legal texts from English into Dutch, and Dutch into English.

Our true strength, however, is our feeling for language. Translation is in the details. Simple things such as local measurements, but finding just the right alternatives for sayings and expressions as well. We believe it is important the voice of the author is heard in any language.

The Dutch are often ridiculed for their broken English, but one cannot deny the increasingly bilingual nature of The Netherlands. Every language has its own rhythm, and it takes time to become familiar with the rhythm of a language that is not your native tongue.

If you don’t have that time, but you would like a close to perfect translation of your texts, we would love to help. We will translate your texts or edit and correct computer generated translations — as always, with respect for the author’s voice and intention.


Pronk-De Palm Productions charges a rate per word, per hour or — if desired — agree upon a project price with you. We enjoy providing custom fit service. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Yes, I need a close to perfect translation!


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