Pronk-De Palm Productions are incorrigible idealists and creators.
We strive to improve the world around us with our creations and leave something behind that shows a different way.
Both of us are writers, but we enjoy capturing our world with our (smartphone) cameras and by drawing and painting as well.
Besides being a culinary philosopher, a writer and an artist, Dennis enjoys creating practical new solutions to every day problems as well as beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture, (re)using wood and other materials. He designed our business logo: a visual representation of the workshop he once built himself in our garden under the pine tree.
Andrea writes blog posts, articles and stories, publishing on many online platforms and, as an editor, helps improve the writing of others. She works as a technical editor for an editing services agency and runs our webshops and creates scents.
Our Amstaff provides laughter, keeps us sane and provides us with inspiration.
In Pronk-De Palm Productions, all our creative ideas come together, like we ourselves have come together in 2003 — ever discovering, learning and growing.
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