“One rule of the road not directly stated elsewhere in this book: “The editor is always right.” The corollary is that no writer will take all of his or her editor’s advice; for all have sinned and fallen short of editorial perfection. Put another way, to write is human, to edit is divine.”

[Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft]


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Truth lies in the hands of its editor.”
[Michael Dobbs, House of Cards]


“Be a good editor. The Universe needs more good editors, God knows.”
[Kurt Vonnegut, Letters]


Every product of pen deserves a critical editor with respect for the author’s voice:

  • An extra set of eyes, looking at your text with an objective, fresh outlook.
  • A critical look, flawlessly noticing every mistake in spelling, grammar, form or style.
  • A sharp pen, ruthlessly correcting any mistake.
  • A listening ear, offering the author a soundboard.
  • A broad shoulder for those moments when writing is just hard; any author could use the occassional support, after all.
  • Ever practical advice — about inspiration, ideas, framework, structure, (re) arranging, use of language, writing methods, use of words, tone of voice…

How effective can a story be when it contains mistakes? What will be better remembered: the content of your message or that disturbing spelling error? 

Pronk-De Palm Productions offers editing on-demand. Andrea Pronk-De Palm is a strict, but righteous editor with a sharp eye for the tone and style of any text, but first and foremost for the intention of the author.

Andrea edits, corrects and rewrites, always in close deliberation, fast and precisely. Critical — the Oxford Dictionary and stylebooks always at hand — but always with respect for the author’s creativity and mindful of the author’s voice.

Pronk-De Palm Productions charges a rate per word, per hour or — if desired — agrees upon a project price with your. We enjoy providing custom fit service. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Yes, I need a critical editor!


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